Manufacturing Facility

Midland, TX

This Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) involved a former manufacturing facility in an industrial area that involved a large manufacturing and warehouse building situated on several acres. No adverse environmental conditions were identified.

Trucking Terminal

Odessa, TX

This Phase I ESA involved a former trucking and warehouse operation that also operated a fueling terminal that involved a leaking underground storage tank (UST). The facility included several structures used for truck servicing, warehouse operations and an office. The Phase I ESA revealed no adverse environmental conditions, and remedial efforts, including tank removal, soil and groundwater remediation, had satisfied the state regulatory agency requirements, and closure had been granted.

Oilfield Production

West Texas and New Mexico

This Phase I ESA involved two (2) producing oilfields in West Texas and New Mexico, and involved numerous producing wells, plugged wells and production facilities (ie, tank batteries). A review of historical aerial photographs revealed potential environmental issues surrounding old pits, and the regulatory review revealed numerous spill reports, violations and administrative orders. A survey for natural occurring radioactive materials (NORM) revealed an abandoned facility that would have required remediation.